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How we assisted a company to recover from a Hacked website to now producing triple leads for them

Sant Hirdaram institute of Management, Bhopal is an only women’s institute and the only institute in MP which provides IMBA right after 12 th class along with MBA programs. It is committed to facilitate holistic-cum-professional development of the students in terms of realistic learning with endowed ethical values.

In March 2022, our collaboration with them started with a clear objective to make the most of organic marketing across various social media platforms, targeting the right audience in order to achieve great results.


We merely started two main objectives the institute wanted us to fulfil: 1. Rebranding 2. Reach

  • Under Rebranding & Reach came several different small objectives
  • Increase Admission Inquiry organically
  • Achieve limited number of admission seats
  • Achieved an 80% overall growth of traffic on all social media platforms
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings


We had a tight deadline of less than three months to complete all the necessary tasks since the admission process was set to begin shortly after we started working with the client. As a result, we had to expedite our work and deliver faster results:

  • Outdated website: The website was old and poorly executed, resulting in lower traffic on the website due to its lack of desirable features and easy handle
  • Unoptimized Social media platforms; Their social media pages were underutilised which hindered their maximum reach
  • Improper Advertising techniques: Prior to working with us, they allocated a certain budget for advertising which lead to limited results. However, we transformed the outcomes by achieving significant results at a minimal cost


  • Comprehensive Content Strategy
  • Establishing Long term Branding
  • Enhance website design & optimisation
  • Easy and effortless application process
  • Personalised Ad and marketing Funnels that gave us appropriate results
  • Collaborated with different city pages to reach more target audience all over the state


  • Achieved the allocated admission seats
  • The account and website experienced a twofold increase in growth
  • Facebook had 60% growth with over 2,50,000 traffic
  • Instagram experienced a 80% growth with 1,50,000 traffic
  • Attracted target audience all over MP

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