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How we built an empire from 1000 portfolios to now more than 5 crore portfolios of traders

Mayank Shergill is a forex trader based in Patna, India. They initially started in 2012 but resumed its operations in 2022. The company is a team of 10 members providing effective strategies for Trading in the Forex Market. While working with us, they founded a new brand called BigBullBoy. Initially in July 2022, our collaboration started with a clear objective to find more investors and helping in building their client’s trust. Targeting potential clients and clients to learn trading through their classes and programs.


We started with a very clear objective that they wanted us to target and eventually achieve:

  • Grow Social Media Profile
  • Find investors & traders
  • Trust Building with their clients
  • Increase their maximum reach


They were starting out with a tight budget to invest in their business, hence we had to deliver all their requirements according to that:

  • No budget for ads: Due to their limited budget, they lacked funds for generating advertisements, compelling us to adopt an organic marketing.
  • Lack of Trust in social media Profile: The company encountered difficulties as it had not established trust among its client yet and its market profile was relatively low.
  • Social Media was filled with bots: Their social media account was filled with bots, Despite having a substantial number of followers, the engagement on their posts were almost nothing.


  • Build Content Strategy: We aimed in creating a relevant content strategy and create engaging content to boost their company’s visibility and interaction with its target audience.
  • Digital Branding: We created compelling and consistent online presence to establish their company as a strong identity.
  • Content Optimization: We optimized their content which involved making people friendly, engaging and aligned content.
  • Launched website: They did not have a website of their own which in itself makes a client trust in you. So, we decided to launch a website for them which lead to followers.
  • PR Building: We crafted and implemented strategic efforts to enhance the company’s reputation, strengthen client relations and establish a positive image.


  • 350+ clients: Starting from getting their first client through Instagram, they now have an empire with dealing with more than 350 clients now.
  • 5 crores+ portfolios: They only had INR1000 to trade when we collaborated with them but through our consistent hard work and efforts, they now have more than INR 5 crores portfolios at the moment.
  • Paid ads via meta were generated at average CPL is 3 INR with quality leads for their course students and clients lead generation.
  • Growth in reach: They grew Financially from literally nothing to now an increase in their reach to 9,990%.

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