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How we filled nearly 90% seats of a newly started Amazon DSP

Footsteps LLC, a US-based Amazon delivery service partner, commenced its operations in Mid 2021 and our collaboration with them began in November of the same year.


If a person wants an Amazon DSP, they have specific rules and regulations an individual needs to adhere to. Understanding their main goal, our team accurately initiated work, ensuring we cater to all their necessary and unique requirements. The main goals were:

  • In 2 months, we had to achieve the target of bringing drivers through digital marketing strategies.
  • Showcase a positive workplace environment that fosters growth and well-being on digital platforms
  • Channelize our digital marketing efforts primarily on Facebook and engage with the target audience efficiently by getting organic leads everyday.


Initially we had to work with a challenging timeline to work in and swift actions to meet the client’s demand:

  • Limited digital presence
  • Time constraints (2 months)
  • 250 drivers fulfilling all our needs


  • Organic marketing via content strategies for short & long term goals
  • Understood the audience and digitally marketed it to cater to the target audience
  • Paid Social Media ads initially because of tight timeline, organically later on
  • Building their Google profile from scratch
  • Fast and effective Approach to meet the requirements


  • Impressive 90% seats occupancy just through digital marketing
  • Brand gained enough prominence that potential workers approached us proactively, reflecting a positive impact.
  • Urgent Hiring target achieved in less than 2 months
  • After 2 plus year client is still working with us

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