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leads just in a month via ads

increased engagement through SMM

Traffic increase on the website

Lowest CPL, High Quality Leads

How we assisted a company to recover from a Hacked website to now producing triple leads for them

AB Capital, a business consultancy in Dubai, UAE, which helps you set up your business from scratch and advices and audits your business.

We started working with them in April 2022 to help them establish themselves as the go-to destination for comprehensive business advice and consultancy services for ventures across UAE. Remarkably, the client expressed satisfaction within a mere 15 days of starting the collaboration.


With an extensive list of requirements, as the previous agency they worked with failed to deliver results, our task was to address and fulfill their needs. Some of these included:

  • Lead generation via strategic SMM and targeted ads
  • Target a High Quality Audience
  • Generate Regular Enquires
  • Get a Certain amount of leads via ads on a strict budget


Navigating the challenges of working with a foreign based company, we dedicated ourselves in understanding their work pattern and the specific things they aimed on. The following challenges emerged during the time:

  • Their previous website and SEO was hacked by Japanese servers
  • Organic reach was dead
  • Inactive social media platforms
  • Less Time, More Results
  • Previous agency resorted to unethical ways for reach, causing their website to get flagged as adult content from Google


  • Generated Ad Funnels for Russia, UAE & Indian Target Audience
  • Audit the website & streamline it in an organized way
  • Increase Organic Traffic & Search Engine Optimisation
  • Launched a new Website, redesigned with better UI & UX
  • Worked on their inactive social media platforms through proactive efforts
  • Optimised organic queries for better results
  • Implement Strategic Content Creation on Social Media Platforms


  • Generated lowest CPL of 2 dirhams for high quality leads
  • 450 leads in a just month via ads
  • Increased engagement to 50% through SMM
  • 30% Traffic increase on the website through active posting
  • Delivered a user-friendly website within a week

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